The Best Baby Shower Games Involving Diaper Cakes

Baby showers are a special occasion to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new life into the world. Amidst the joy and excitement, games play a crucial role in bringing guests together and creating memorable moments. Diaper cakes, a creative and practical gift for the expectant parents, can also serve as the centerpiece for fun and engaging games. Here, we explore the best baby shower games that revolve around the versatile diaper cake, ensuring your celebration is filled with laughter and joy.

1. Diaper Cake Decoration Contest

Creativity Unleashed: The Diaper Cake Decoration Contest is a fantastic way to kickstart the festivities. Guests are divided into teams and given a plain diaper cake, along with a variety of decorations such as ribbons, baby toys, stickers, and more. The goal is to decorate the diaper cake in a given time, following a particular theme or free style. This game allows guests to showcase their creativity and teamwork, making for a colorful and festive activity.

Judging and Prizes: Once the time is up, the expectant mother or parents judge the diaper cakes based on criteria such as creativity, theme adherence, and overall appearance. Prizes can be awarded to the winning team, adding an extra layer of excitement. This contest not only provides a fun activity but also leaves the parents-to-be with beautifully decorated diaper cakes that can be used for their nursery.

2. Guess the Number of Diapers

Engaging Mystery: This game transforms the diaper cake into a guessing game that all guests can participate in throughout the baby shower. Before the event, the host carefully counts the number of diapers used to construct the cake. Guests are then invited to guess how many diapers make up the cake, writing their estimates on a piece of paper along with their name.

Revealing the Winner: At a designated time, the host reveals the actual number of diapers in the cake. The guest with the closest guess without going over wins a prize. This game adds an element of suspense and anticipation to the shower, as guests eagerly await the revelation.

3. Diaper Cake Memory Game

Test of Observation: The Diaper Cake Memory Game is a test of guests’ observation and memory skills. Initially, the diaper cake is placed in a central location, adorned with various baby items such as pacifiers, bibs, and small toys. Guests are given a limited time to observe the cake and the items on it. Then, the cake is covered or removed from the room.

Challenge Your Memory: Guests are then challenged to list as many items as they can remember were on the diaper cake. This game can be played individually or in teams, with paper and pens provided for guests to write down their answers. The person or team with the most correctly remembered items wins. This game not only serves as a fun challenge but also subtly highlights the utility of diaper cakes as a multifunctional gift, capable of holding numerous essential baby items.


Diaper cakes are not just beautiful and practical gifts for expectant parents; they also serve as the perfect centerpiece for entertaining baby shower games. From unleashing creativity in a decoration contest, engaging guests in a guessing game, to testing memory skills, these games enhance the celebratory atmosphere of a baby shower. They foster interaction, laughter, and memorable moments among guests, making the occasion even more special. By incorporating diaper cakes into your baby shower games, you ensure a fun-filled celebration that everyone will remember for years to come.